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W. E. Black is proud of its long history of designing and building attractive new homes in desirable locations. We continuously aim to meet and exceed the level of customer service our purchasers expect from us. We aim to be with you throughout your journey, from your first enquiry through to completion and beyond.

Prior to completion we will arrange to carry out an inspection of your property and demonstrate  your appliances including fixtures and fittings to ensure that you understand how they work and provide you with the manuals, guarantees and certificates that relate to your new home.

We will provide you with information regarding our customer care service including  contact details and the address and telephone numbers for handling emergencies. Your new home is covered by W. E. Black warranty for the first 2 years after legal completion.

In addition your home also is covered by a warranty for a 10 year period from completion. We will provide you with details of what is covered and how to contact them.


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