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Less Stress

Not only will you avoid having to carry out works to your new homes, but by buying new, the whole purchasing process is easier.  There is no onward chain, the contracts are ready and the title and searches have already been checked.

Value For Money

W E Black Ltd price their houses fairly, they do not inflate their asking prices to ‘build in’ negotiating discounts, as some builders do.  The price of the new home is the whole story.  Purchasers do not need to make allowances for refurbishing, redecorating, new kitchen, bathrooms or replacement windows, as people who purchase second hand properties often do.


High Build Quality

Our Construction Director works closely with the Site Managers to ensure all aspects of the development is completed to a very high standard.

10 Year New Homes Warranty

Most items in the new property will be guaranteed for 2 years and structural items for 10 years.

Reduced Energy Costs

Energy efficient building materials and a high standard of insulation together with modern appliances mean substantially lower fuel and water bills.

Safety & security

Fire resistant materials and circuit breakers are installed as standard. All homes are fitted with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  Modern locks and alarms mean lower insurance premiums.

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